Zarah Hussain

Zarah Hussain is based in London. As a British Muslim Asian, her work is part of a search for a personal identity. In her work, she wants to paint in a way that will allow her to combine her eastern origins with a western education and environment. She believes that art can be used as a medium of exchange between different cultures.

Her work is about image and reality; sheI loves optical illusions. Her work is about what is seen and what is chosen to be ignored – order from chaos. Essentially her work is based around some simple shapes, but these shapes, grids and patterns can be distorted to whatever effect that she chooses to create.

The geometry that pervades Islamic Art and her work also, is a universal and timeless language. All civilisations and cultures rely on geometry to build, yet in Islamic Art geometry is used to decorate surfaces. This is a reminder that the universe does not have a beginning or an end, the language of the universe works in circles.

In Islamic art the mosaics, tesellations and intricate patterns that are created from seemingly simple objects and shapes fascinate her. She works primarily with colour and illusion. She wants her paintings to seem to be three dimensional so that they trick the eye and ultimately the mind. In her work, she wants to create something that is challenging to look at, to captivate the audience and hopefully leave a lasting impression on the mind.

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