Thomas Jacobi

Qualifications and Training

1981- 1990 MA in Drawing and Painting, Academy for Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria

 Selected Exhibitions (solo)

2009 ‘From A Distance – At Close Range II’, Ricefield Arts and Cultural Centre and Glasgow University Chapel, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

2008 ‘From A Distance – At Close Range’, View Two Gallery, Liverpool Biennial 2008, Liverpool, UK

2004 ‘Textures’, Recent Paintings and Prints, The City Gallery, Leicester, UK

1999 ‘The Sublime – Attempts of Location Finding’, Taipei Fine Arts Museum

1998 & 2002 Solo Exhibitions, German Cultural Center, Taipei, Taiwan

 Selected Exhibitions (group) and Film works

2014 ‘Ming Musical Moments’ Short film by Thomas Jacobi & Enzo Di Cosmo, Burrell Collection, Glasgow/British Museum, London

2012 ‘7000 Imprints/7000 Abdrucke’, curated by Prof. Gao Yingjin, Bad Wildungen, Germany

2011 ‘VENUS+DEMARCO+BEUYS’, curated by David Gibson, Demarco Archive Trust, Craigcrook Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

2011 ‘Motes of Living Light’, Short film by Thomas Jacobi (Direction & Images) with David Greygoose (Poem & Voice), Eddie McGuire (Music), Yupin Chung (Translation), Glasgow, Part of the exhibition ‘China through the Lens of John Thomson 1868-1872’ at The Burrell Collection, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

2010 ‘SANCTUARY’ The Phenomenon of Sanctuary, curated by Sam Skinner,

St George’s German Lutheran Church, London, UK

2009 ‘the shadow of the hand writes before the thought’ / ‘Cleansing the House with Ink’, Poetry performance in collaboration with David Greygoose, Yupin Chung and Eleanor Rees, FACT, Liverpool, UK

2008 ‘Local Heroes’, View Two Gallery, Liverpool, UK

2007 ‘Art and Environment’, International Art Symposium and Exhibition, Xiamen Fine Arts Museum, Xiamen, China

2007 ‘German Garden’, Centenary Celebration Exhibition, Tongji University, Shanghai, China

2005 ‘Welcome to China!’ Exhibition and Performance, Rosary Gallery, Fuzhou, China

2005 ‘Hidden Treasures at Public Places’, LCB Depot, Leicester, UK

1990 Master Degree Show, MAK, Museum for Applied Art, Vienna, Austria 

Talks and Workshops

2014 ‘Refined Elegance: A Sloping – stile Cabinet’, The Burrell Collection, Glasgow, UK

2013 ‘Form and Function: A Square Huanghuali Table’, The Burrell Collection, Glasgow, UK

2012 ‘Think globally – Work locally’, Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China

2012 ‘Die Sprache der Textur’, Bad Wildungen, Germany

2011 ‘The Creative Act – From Material to Meaning’, Nankai University, Tianjin, China

2011 ‘Unrolling Chinese Scrolls’, Confucius Institute/Huntarian Museum/ University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK

2009 ‘’Mo’ Work to Do. Recent Ink Rubbings and Pigment Works on Paper’, Huntarian Art Gallery / Ink Rubbing Workshop at Ricefield Arts and Cultural Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

2008 ‘From A Distance – At Close Range’, Working in China 2005 – 2008, China Talks Symposium, View Two Gallery, Liverpool, UK

2008 ‘Serving the West with ‘Yeast’: New Treasures from the Art Workshop China’, International Conference on Cultural Policy Research, Istanbul, Turkey

2008 ‘View Two – Paintings on Chinese Porcelain and Chinese Porcelain on Paintings’, National Museums Liverpool, UK

2007 ‘In Search of a New Sincerity’, The Real Thing – Contemporary Art from China, Liverpool Tate, Liverpool, UK

2006 ‘Contemporary Art Market and Creative Clusters at M50, Shanghai’, Kings College London, UK

2006 ‘Take a Seat and Have a Cup of Art at M50, Shanghai’, International Conference on Cultural Policy Research, Vienna, Austria

2006 ‘Cleaning the House with Ink’, Artist Talk, Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral Art Foundation, Bad Ems, Germany

2005 ‘The Artist’s Voice between Creation and Interpretation – Intentionality and Distance’, Tate Liverpool Research Forum, Liverpool, UK