Stefanie Cheong

Since Graduating in 2013 with BA Hons Silversmithing and Jewellery from Glasgow School Of Art, Stefanie Cheong has developed a portfolio career spanning jewellery and object design, making, teaching, craft development and curatorial practice. She initiated O-PIN, a project that aims to inspire and empower people through making and encourage sustainability within the practice of art jewellery. Stefanie has extensive experience in teaching, having worked as a returning Visiting Lecturer at Glasgow School of Art. Other posts include tutor for local authorities throughout Scotland, within schools, museums, galleries and UK art organisations. Stefanie also delivers projects, exhibitions and workshops collaboratively with arts organisations and other educational spaces. She currently works as Artist Development Officer at Fife Contemporary and is a board member of Applied Arts Scotland.

Striving for an ethical practice has shaped the methods, materials and techniques Stefanie uses. She sources and collects rocks throughout Scotland and transforms them into jewellery and art objects sharing connections to place and time. Working in sustainably sourced marble, gneiss, basalt, agates and other naturally occurring Scottish rocks, Stefanie has acquired a set of self-taught stone working skills. Each piece of jewellery or object is completely unique in its composition and form and is handmade in her Glasgow studio.

The work she will present for this exhibition will provide an insight into her process and explore how she has introduced interchangeable components into her collections that encourage the wearer to consider sustainable design.