Scott Crawford

PracticeProduct / Object Design
Course of StudyThree Dimensional Design
Place of StudyGray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen
Materials: Porcelain, stone, wood and metal




“My graduate collection, Feuma, is a meeting point of personal aesthetic, process and heritage. Having spent the majority of my art school life experimenting with materials and processes, it has only really been in my final year that my style has confirmed itself and begun to solidify. Throughout my life so far, I have always been interested in the way that designers’ aesthetic language and nature often reflects their personal beliefs and outlook; so for me finding a style which I could engage with and call my own has been extremely beneficial.

Designing minimally, and focusing on the most subtle of details in pieces, means the objects I look to create are easy for the user’s eye to read, and negate the messy and busy appearance that many contemporary designs bring to the home. The idea of ‘style’ itself is something that I think about when considering objects and designing, to allow people to express their own personal choices, as often those following trends and expressing a public style that may not be their own. By designing objects which are potentially designed to suit a particular aesthetic, I try to engage the user and affirm their own style. Often when users are more selective in curating their home, they value the objects they do have and engage with them more, rather than frivolous items which do not truly suit them as a person –as value can often be measured in more telling ways than just monetary cost.”

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“Therefore my first collection is one that hopefully engages the user, and begins to show what my style is evolving into as a designer. The inspiration behind the resulting series comes from research into both historic and contemporary Scottish design and places in-between the two, using hand-crafting techniques and traditional materials in unison with ultra-clean forms and silhouettes to give an updated aspect of Scottish design. My practice in the near future aims to continue and expand this design style into a greater selection of objects, while maintaining a natural yet refined aesthetic.”

Scott is currently setting himself up in a studio in Glasgow.

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