Roger Palmer

Born in Portsmouth, England, Roger Palmer has worked as an artist and a teacher since the 1970s. He focuses primarily on photography to address concepts of place and placelessness, location and dislocation, migration and settlement. He has also made text works as site-specific signs, billboards, neon sculptures, LED panels, videos and vinyls, as well as temporary wall paintings and drawings using found images.

Palmer studied Fine Art at Portsmouth and Chelsea Schools of Art. He has undertaken residencies and exhibited in the UK and internationally. Key exhibitions include ‘Time, Words & the Camera’ (1976), ‘Three Perspectives on Photography’ (1979),‘Through the Looking Glass: Photographic Art in Britain, 1945-89’ (1989) and ‘Uncommon Ground: Land Art in Britain, 1966-1979′ (2013).

In 1987, Palmer was awarded the Bill Brandt Prize for ‘Precious Metals’, the first of several projects made in South Africa. His books include Precious Metals (1986), International Waters (2000), Overseas (2004), Circulation (2012), Jetty (2014) and Phosphorescence (2014).

Palmer taught at The Glasgow School of Art (1985-2004); he is Emeritus Professor of Fine Art at the University of Leeds.