Roberta Lee

Practice: Jewellery
Course of Study: Jewellery and Silversmithing
Art School Attended: Edinburgh College of Art
Materials: Thread, Steel and Silver.



Catch the Line, Through blazes of colour, Trace each movement, Follow the line of the
body, Interpret the rhythm, Capture the transience, Catch the Line.

“My practice explores line by tracing the contours of organic forms and the fluid shapes of body movement. I strive to capture the dynamic, expressive quality of the human figure as it dances in my linear drawings which I then translate into metal.

I enjoy exploring materials intuitively so that the creative process is spontaneous. The vibrant hues are drawn from the rich colourscape of Morocco and applied to the metal forms with hand-dyed thread. The result is vivid, sculptural jewellery that tangibly captures the essence of motion.”

A film that informs the shapes and lines of Roberta’s work through tracing the movements.


Make this full screen and have a flick through her book here.

Roberta is currently working for a Jeweller in Ibiza. To find out more about Roberta and her work follow her on Instagram @robertaleejewellery and view her website at