Robb Mitchell

Robb Mitchell provokes interactions between strangers. As an artist and designer he produces "social icebreaking" kinetic furniture, installation, interventions, games and performance. He has also had leading roles in the development of a variety of interdisciplinary projects such as the new media hacklab, Electron Club at the CCA in Glasgow, Machinista, the artificial intelligence in the arts festival, Glasgow 2004, and a series of parties at The Chateau and other non-traditional venues across Glasgow and London. (

Dr. Alex Gillespie is a social psychologist based at Stirling University where his theoretical research concerns The Self and Self-Reflection; specifically how the self emerges through social interaction, communication, intersubjectivity and perspective taking.

Dr. Brian O'Neill is a clinical psychologist at Southern General Hospital, Glasgow. He is interested in cognitive impairments, the disability they cause and how assistive technology for cognition might provide useful treatments.