Pringle & Murray

Pringle & Murray's 'Urban Fabric' scarf collection

Sharon Pringle and Wendy Murray are 2009 BA (Hons) Design – Textiles graduates of the Glasgow School of Art.

Both designers share a love of architecture and a common aesthetic for bold, graphic and luxurious fabrics.

Inspired by the colours, patterns and textures found in architecture, Murray's research sources are the cityscapes of Berlin and London, in particular the colour proportions she observed through her design research. The grey tones of the architecture provide the neutral backdrop to her fabrics with flashes of vibrant, exciting colour taken from graffiti, reflections and urban fabric of the cities.

Pringle's sources of inspiration are the cities of Glasgow and Copenhagen, which share the same line of latitude and therefore quality of light. Inspired by the differences in the colour palettes of each city, her fabric's patterns and colours are taken directly from her observational research and drawings. Whereas Murray's fabrics focus on the linear, Pringle's introduce a hand drawn repeat pattern element. This contrast of interpretation gives their first collection, 'Urban Fabric', its uniqueness.

The collection is digitally printed on to luxurious wool delaine and silk habotai. Scarves will be made to order and colourways and patterns are interchangeable. The silk squares are especially suited to womenswear. The wool delaine rectangles are unisex.