Maureen Hodge

Formerly Reader
Senior Lecturer in Charge of Tapestry.
School of Drawing and Painting
Edinburgh College of Art.

1941                   Born Perth.
1959-63             Edinburgh College of Art, Diploma in Stained Glass.
1963-64             Andrew Grant Postgraduate Scholarship – Tapestry.
1964-65             Assistant to Archie Brennan
1965-70             Edinburgh Tapestry Co.
First SCC Count Tarnowski Award
1967-73             Lecturer in Tapestry, ECA
1969                   Scottish Arts Council Award to Young Artists.
1973-94             Lecturer in charge of Tapestry.
1973-76             Council Member SSA
1975                   Acting President SSA
Interim Director of Weaving Edinburgh Tapestry Co.
1976-82             Council Member STAG (Scottish Tapestry Artists’ Group)
1977                   SAC Awards Committee
1979-80             Organiser EIF Exhibition – “Masterweavers”
1983                   Council Member TEAM (The Edinburgh Arts Movement)
1994                   Reader, Heriot Watt University.
Senior Lecturer in Charge of Tapestry.
1997-00             ECA Academic Council Member
1998-00             Elected Staff Representative ECA Board of Governors.
1999                   Acting Joint Head: School of Drawing & Painting.
2006                   Retired from ECA
2006 to date     Tapestry Artist
2009-12             President and founder member of STAR*

1963          The Arts Council of GB (Scottish Committee) “Leaded, Concreted & Sandblasted Glass” RSA, Edinburgh.
1965          Second International Tapestry Biennale. Lausanne
“Weavers from the Dovecot Studio”. Whitworth Gallery, Manchester.
1967          Third International Tapestry Biennale. Lausanne.
1969          “Tapestries and Ceramics Today”. ESU, Edinburgh.
“Legacy of Scotland”. Hammond Museum, N. Salem. NY. USA.
1970          “Modern British Hangings” SAC.Edinburgh.
“Ten Years of Tapestry”. ECA. Edinburgh.
1971          “Experimental Textiles – international tapestries.” Camden Arts Centre, London.
1971          “Scottish Crafts” RSM, Edinburgh.
1972          “New 57 Birthday Show.” William Robertson Building, EU, Edinburgh.
1972          “Woven Structures” Camden Arts Centre, London.
1972          “Tapestries from the Dovecote (sic) Studios”. MacRobert Centre, University of Stirling.
1973          “Craftsman’s Art”. V&A, London.
1973          “L’Ecosse, La Femme et L’Art”. Galerie des Ponchettes, Nice France.
1973          “Fifteen Weavers”. BCC, London.
1973          “Aspects of Modern British Crafts”. RSM, Edinburgh.
1973          “Europhalia – Hand & Machine”. Brussels. Belgium.
1973          “Edinburgh the Capital of Scotland”. Osaka. Japan.
1974          “Tapestries from Edinburgh”. BCC, London.
1974          “Small Tapestries”. SAC, Edinburgh.
1974          “Tapestries from Edinburgh”. Stirling Gallery, Stirling.
1975          First Triennale of Textile Art. Lodz. Poland.
1976          “Miniatures in Fibre” Ararat Regional Gallery & Distelfink Gallery, Melbourne. Australia.
1976-8       Second International Biennale of Miniature Textiles. BCC, London, Holland, Switzerland & Australia. (selector & exhibitor)
1976-8     “Small Tapestries”. SAC Travelling Show. SAC, Edinburgh and Norway.
1977          “Scottish Tapestry – Loose Ends, Close Ties and Other Structures – The Way Ahead.” ECA, Edinburgh.
1977          First STAG Show. Collins Centre, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh and RCA, London.
1977          “Masterpiece”. Silver Jubilee Show. BCC, London.
1978          “Tapestries”. (two person exhibition) Talbot Rice Art Centre, EU, Crawford Arts                     Centre, St Andrews, and BCC. London
1978          “Tapestries”. Villefort, Cevennes. France.
1978          Third Triennale of Textile Arts. Lodz. Poland.
1978-82     Third International Biennale of Miniature Textiles. BCC and world tour.
1979          Second STAG show. Fruitmarket Gallery and London.
1979          “Star Quality”. BCC, London.

1979          “Malerei und Wandbehange aus Schottland”. Oberrhein Messe, Ortenauhalle,  Offenburg. Baden. W. Germany.
1979          “Tapestries of Today”. sponsored by Crown Wallpaper & Contemporary Arts Society, Reed House,   London and British tour.
1979-82     STAG Small Tapestries Tour. Edinburgh, Scottish tour and New Zealand.
1980          STAG invited work Aberdeen City Art Gallery.
1980          “Craft of the Weaver”. BCC. London.
1980          Fourth International Biennale of Miniature Textiles. London, Edinburgh, Lausanne, Australia and USA.
1980          “Masterweavers”. SAC/EIF Exhibition. RSA Edinburgh and British tour.
1980          Third STAG show. City Arts Centre, Edinburgh, Nottingham and London.
1981          “Contemporary Tapestry”. Sainsbury Arts Centre, UEA, Norwich.
1981          “Textile Kunst ‘81”. Linz and Vienna. Austria.
1983         “Textiles Today – Attitudes to Tapestry”. John Hansard Gallery, University of  Southampton.
1983             First TEAM exhibition. Talbot Rice Art Centre, EU, Edinburgh.
1985          “Straight Off the Wall”. Dublin-Edinburgh EIF show. ECA.
1985        TEAM Miniature Tapestry Exhibition. an Lantern, Stornoway and Scottish tour.
1986          “Miniatures to Australia”. Ararat and tour of Victoria State, Australia.
1986          “Tapestry – Contemporary Imagery, Ancient Tradition”. Washington State. USA.
1988          TEAM Show.“Loose Ends, Close Ties and Other Structures”. TRAC, UE, Edinburgh and tour including Canada.
1988          “Fibre Art in the 80s”. Sculpture Symposium. Dublin.
1988           Seventh Miniature Textile Biennale. Szombathely Museum, Hungary.
1989-90     “Contemporary Tapestry”. University of Southampton. British & Hungarian tour.
1989-91     “The Maker’s Art”. Australian tour.
1990           Eighth Miniature Textile Biennale. Szombathely Museum, Hungary.
1990-1       “The Art Machine”. McLellan Galleries, Glasgow and the Barbican, London.
1991             “The SSA Centenary Exhibition”. RSA. Edinburgh.
1991             “The Postcard show”. Collective Gallery, Edinburgh.
1992-3       “Paneuro-Minitex MCMXCIII”. Edinburgh, Vilnius, Riga, St.Petersburg and Piskov, Russia.
1992             “CD Show”. Collective Gallery.
1993             “From the Margin”. ECA and Scottish tour.
1993             “CD 2”. Collective Gallery.
1994             “11 From Zero”. Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland.
1994             “Edinburgh – Lithuania.” Miniature textiles. Edinburgh and Vilnius.
1994             “Small Tapestries from Edinburgh”. Dollar Academy.
1994             “CD Show 3 – the Finale”. Collective Gallery, Edinburgh.
1995               My work from the collection at Szombathely Museum shown in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary.
1995            “6x6x8x8x2” EIF show. ECA. Edinburgh.
1995              Exchange exhibition of Laminates. Canberra, Chicago, Dundee, Edinburgh, Dublin, London, Tokyo, New Zealand, Alberta and Saskatoon.
1995               Fife Art Bus: “Small Space Craft” – Arts in Fife, Fife Regional Council Education  Committee and the Scottish Arts Council- Travelling Gallery show
1995               eca exposicion. Castillo de SoutomaiorArcade, Pontevedra. Spain
1996-7          “The Travelling Box Show”. Australian tour, (ten venues.
CANBERRA   School of Art.   Australia National University.
University of SOUTH QUEENSLAND. Toowoomba.
S.W. College of T.A.F.E. Warrnambool. VICTORIA.
Monash University, MELBOURNE.
Art Gallery of TASMANIA,   Launceston.
University of Wollangong, N.S.W
Charles Sturt University, WAGGAWAGGA NSW.
ADELAIDE   Festival Centre. South Australia.
Edith Cowan University, PERTH. Western Australia.
1996              “The Woven Image”. The Barbican, London and British tour. (selector) (6 venues)
The Barbican. LONDON.
Cartwright Hall. BRADFORD.
Mappin Art Gallery. SHEFFIELD.
SUNDERLAND City Arts Centre.
NEWPORT Museum & Art Gallery.
ABERDEEN Art Gallery.
1997                 “Threads – Fiber Art in the 90s”. New Jersey Center for the Visual Arts, Summit,  NJ. USA.
1997                 “The Box of Delights”. Old Town Hall Art Gallery, Kedainiai Lithuania.
1997                   My work from the collection at Szombathely Museum- shown in Prague,
1997-8               “Telling Tales”. work from the Crafts’ Council Collection, Towner Art Gallery & Museum, Eastbourne.
1998                   “Recent Acquisitions”. Aberdeen City Art Gallery.
1998                   Speaker at Conference “Luxury Art to Fibre Art” at UEA, Norwich
1998                   Speaker at Conference V&A , “The Woven Image”,
1998                     First International Flag Biennale.on the theme of Liberty, Szombathely. Hungary.
1998                   *Twelfth Miniature Textile Biennale. Szombathely Museum, Hungary.
1999                   “Woven Intimacies” New Jersey Center for the Visual Arts, Summit, NJ, USA.
1999                   *“Edinburgh Makers”. National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto.Japan.
1999                     My work from the collection in Szombathely shown in Beckescsaba, Hungary.
2000                     Second International Flag Biennale. Szombathely. Hungary.
2001                     Skyleo. One person show. Gallery Gallery, Kyoto. Japan.
2001                   Karpit. Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest.
2001                   “Meeting Points” Artists in Dialogue: an Exhibition for Japan 2001. RMScotland, Edinburgh
2001-2002         TAPESTRY- work selected from the Crafts Council Collection 1973-2000. Crafts Council Gallery London.
2001                     TAPESTRY- British Craft at SOFA Chicago 2001 Navy Pier Chicago
2002                   “Hmmm…” Work in David Shrigley’s Selection from the Permanent Collection at Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.
2003                  “Object to Draw”, Reinberger Galleries, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, Ohio USA.
2003                     Winner of the competition to design a Tapestry for the Scottish Parliament.
2004                     Scottish Parliament Tapestry for the Garden Foyer completed.
2005                    Artapestry North Jutland Art Museum Aalborg Denmark and tour.- Krefeld Museum Germany & Jean Lurcat Centre for Contemporary Tapestry Angers, France.
2007                     Twelfth Triennale of Tapestry Lodz Poland.
2007                     “Tapestries from the Permanent Collection” Ararat Regional Gallery Ararat , Victoria Australia
2008-11               Artapestry 2 North Jutland Art Museum Aalborg Denmark, West Norway Museum of Decorative Arts, Bergen Norway, Jean Lurcat Centre for Contemporary Tapestry Angers, France & Konsthallen Art Museum, Lulea, Sweden.
2009                     “Vive la Tapisserie!!” French Institute Edinburgh
2009                       3rd International Trienale for Miniature -Textiles – Art Gallery of Szombathely, Hungary
2009                       IX Triennale Internationale des mini-textiles -Jean Lurcat Centre for Contemporary Tapestry, Angers. France.
2009                    “Suas leis an Oir-Ghreus”An Lanntair Stornaway Lewis. Hebridean Celtic Festival.
2009                     “This is NOW: from Drawing to Contexture” , Edinburgh Art Festival, Patriothall Gallery, WASPS Studios Edinburgh
2010                     “Hidden Histories/Partial Paradise” Morley College Gallery London
2010-11                 Norwegian Tapestry in an International Context Trondheim Art Museum, Norway
2011                     “Vive la Tapisserie!!2 ” French Institute Edinburgh
2011                       Finalist in Kate Derum Award for Small Tapestries – Australian Tapestry Workshop Melbourne
2011-2012           That was Then: This is NOW – City Art Centre Edinburgh
2012                     “Vive la Tapisserie!! 3” French Institute Edinburgh
2012                4th International Trienale for Miniature -Textiles – Art Gallery of Szombathely, Hungary
2012                     Avec ou sans eau? IX Triennale Internationale des mini-textiles – Jean Lurcat Centre for Contemporary Tapestry, Angers. France.
2013                       Too web or not too web – X Triennale Internationale des mini-textiles  – Jean Lurcat Centre for Contemporary Tapestry, Angers. France.
2013                     in perspeXtive – RSA Edinburgh
2014-16               Artapestry4 – pan-European tour beginning in Rovaniemi, Finland
2014-15              Craft Generation  – St Andrews Museum


Scottish Parliament
Scottish Gallery of Modern Art.
Victoria and Albert Museum.
Royal Museum of Scotland
Jean Lurcat Centre for Contemporary Tapestry, Angers. France.
Crafts Council Collection, London.
Contemporary Arts Society subsequently gifted to the City Arts Centre, Edinburgh.
Scottish Arts Council Collection subsequently gifted to Royal Museum of Scotland.
Crawford Arts Centre, University of St Andrews, subsequently gifted to Aberdeen City Art Gallery.
Scottish Development Agency Collection, gifted to Royal Museum of Scotland.
Hungarian Textile Collection, Szombathely.
Ararat Regional Art Gallery, Victoria, Australia
University of Stirling.
Tweeddale Building Society.
The List.
Works in public and private collections in U.K., France, Holland, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, and Australia.
Crafts Council Selected Members Index.

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Writings/ Lectures by the Artist.


2012 Star Weavers. essay on That was then: This is NOW at City art Centre Edinburgh in Australian Tapestry Workshop magazine 28 edition August 2012
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2009 Introduction and essay “On Drawing” in catalogue for “This is NOW: from Drawing to Contexture”
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Speaker on the BBC Radio 4 programme “A Stitch in Time” (Jan?99).
Speaker at V&A , for “The Woven Image” (11.08.98). and at the “Luxury Art to Fibre Art” at UEA, Norwich (14.03.98)
Introduction – “What is Drawing?” for The Edinburgh Sessions Seminar ECA 1998. “Drawing in the digital age : a necessity or an irrelevance?”.
“Its Tapestry, Kirk, But Not As You Know It”
– paper for “The Edinburgh Sessions – a TAPESTRY SEMINAR” 1996.
Organiser and Speaker on “Professional Practice: how to stay afloat after college” for the third Edinburgh Sessions Seminar ECA 2002.