Marion Boddy-Evans

Marion Boddy-Evans is a painter with an interest in line, pattern and colour found in the landscape and coast. After living fourteen years on Skye, where the geology is dominated by volcanic blacks and greys, Marion moved to the northeastern coast of Aberdeenshire, where there’s a colourful geological mix. This has led to her spending more time painting on location, exploring patterns and pebbles on the seashore. 

Recent exhibitions include ‘Colours’ at Aberdeen Arts Society (2023); ‘Words’ and ‘Fish’ at Skyeworks Gallery, Isle of Skye (2018 & 2019); and solo exhibitions ‘Colours of Spring’ at Inchmore Gallery, Inverness (2017); and ‘Interlude’ at Skyeworks Gallery, (2016). Marion regularly takes part in Art Festivals, Art Fairs and Open Studio events across Scotland.

Marion Boddy-Evans was part of the 2023 exhibition Life Lines, bringing together artists affected by the long-term impacts of COVID-19, opening up their creative practice on an online platform. See Marion’s work as part of Life Lines here.

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