Lyle McCance

Lyle McCance  runs a bespoke furniture studio. I do everything from the design work to the last coat of oil on the finished product.

I spend my time producing cool, contemporary and environmentally conscious furniture. I specialise in making works from reclaimed woods (teak, mahogany, maple, pitch pine etc) and local Scottish hardwoods.

All pieces are one offs and highly original, with great attention paid to the detail and craftsmanship. At board stupid you can commission anything from a chopping board to a dining table and chairs.

As well as having involvement in the design process from the initial meeting, the client also has the opportunity to learn about where their material has come from, and the history of what their prospective bit of furniture used to be. Perhaps it was a school gym floor from the 1930’s…Or a church pew from a building being modernised into flats.

Another of the many unique qualities and features of the furniture in the board stupid range is the multi- functional aspect to the pieces. Many have dual uses and some can be designed to incorporate interchangeable fittings. For example a standard square hole in a coffee table can take a vase holder, candle holder or light fitting, these pieces fit directly into the table therefore reducing the amount of clutter on top of the unit, and additional products needed in the home. If the furniture does not have a multifunctional aspect to it then it usually has some sort of small quirky feature such as a hidden compartment or secret key storage mechanism.