Lorraine Linton

INTO creates a woolly extravaganza of cleverly engineered knits juxtaposing a vibrant palette of spots and stripes with pictorial jacquards.

Established in 2004, INTO was conceived by Scottish College of Textiles graduate Lorraine Linton, following an Mdes in Textile Design specialising in knitwear and a short time as a junior designer for a knitwear agency working on fashions for high street retailers.

These individually knitted lifestyle accessories use organic embellishments grown from manipulative felting techniques creating eccentric egg cosies, woolly jewellery and irregular scarves. By exploring scale, traditional components become exaggerated. Scarves are skinny with large bobbles and beaded necklaces develop overstated proportions. The result is a light-hearted design evolved through the development of unusual knitting applications.

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