Liz Adamson

1982    Postgraduate Diploma (Drawing and Painting), Edinburgh College of Art
1981    Bachelor of Arts, Heriot Watt University

Polarcap is an organisation founded by two artists Graeme Todd and Liz Adamson in 2007. Its aim is to bring high quality contemporary art to as wide an audience as possible with particular concerns for venues outwith the city environs. We represent emerging, local, national and international artists. Polarcap enables new connections and contexts for artists working in different media and at different stages of their careers. We produce publications, which are interesting to look at, informative and enjoyable to read. Polarcap provides a platform for artists’ discussion and creative exchange.

In its initial year, two high profile exhibitions of contemporary art were held at West barns Studios, a new out-of-town venue and also at Edinburgh College of Art. Both of these attracted a considerable amount of positive press and were broadly seen as a positive initiative towards bringing high quality contemporary art to areas outwith the city.