Laurie Clark

Laurie Clark is an artist, illustrator and publisher based in Pittenweem in Fife. During the summer months, with the poet Thomas A Clark, she runs Cairn Gallery, a space for minimal and conceptual art. Since 1973, the Clarks have published numerous small books, cards and editions of their collaborative work through their own Moschatel Press.

In two books of drawings, 100 Buttercups and 100 Harebells (published by WAX366), Laurie Clark explored similarity and difference within one species while also celebrating the particularity of individual plants.

The Ginkgo Leaves drawings in Lines from Scotland were made from leaves collected from Eihoji Temple, Nagoya, Japan, and first shown as part of an exhibition in Obu City, Japan in 2017. The folded-out format echoes the traditional folding screen of Japanese art as well as suggesting the infinite possible variations of a single form.

The small folded cards in collaboration with Thomas A Clark are an ongoing series of minimal interventions into any space in which they might be placed.