Keiko Mukaide

1977 BA Communication Design, Musashino Art University, Tokyo Japan
1991 MA Ceramic & Glass, Royal College of Art, UK

1999-2009 Research Fellow in Glass, Edinburgh College of Art
2001 Artist in Residence for research, Department of Engineering Materials, The University of Sheffield. Produce a glass commission for Turner Glass Museum, Sheffield
2004 Inspirational workshop, Sars-Poteries, France
2005 Guest speaker Creative York Symposium
2006 Artist in Residence, An Tuireann, Isle of Skye
2009 Guest speaker at the Contemporary Glass Society conference Space & Place, Yorkshire sculpture Park
2009- Honorary Research Fellow in Glass, Edinburgh College of Art2010 Organise/research for a portrait exhibition in Pittenweem art festival
2010-11 Contemporary Glass Society Mentor ship scheme
2010-12 Organise Material Mix Workshops at WASPS studio in Edinburgh
2009-12 Part time lecture, Glass Dept. Edinburgh College of Art
2012 Organise ‘Progress-students works exhibition’ Patiothall WASP Edinburgh
2012 ‘Boat in a bottle workshop for families’ the Scottish Fisheries Museum, Anstruther
2012 Origami workshops for patients and Staff in the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Clinical Genetic Centre

2000 ‘Elemental Traces’ site-specific installation with Diana Hobson and Craig Mackay, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
2001 ‘Gifted’ Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
2004,5,7 COLLECT, with the Scottish Gallery, V&A Museum
2004 ‘Midsummer night’s dream’ Galerie Handwerk, München Germany
2006 Contemporary Glass in Europe 2006, Kunst Sammlungen der Veate Coburg, Germany
2006,8,10British Glass Biennale 2006, short listed for prize, Ruskin Glass Centre
2007 Cutting Edge, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
2007 Master of Modern, International Handwerksmesse und Garten Mϋnchen, Germany
2007 V&A 150 Years Anniversary Album exhibition, Victoria & Albert Museum
2010 Selected Second European Triennial of Ceramic and Glass from UK, Belgium
2011 Craft in Dialogue, Recipients of The Inches Carr Trust Award, Dovecot Studio Edinburgh
2011 Reflection, Contemporary Visual Arts and Crafts in Edinburgh, City Art Centre Edinburgh
2012 Selected ‘Glass game’ Contemporary Glass Society, London
2012 Made in Scotland, Flaming Gallery in London
2012 Threads Across the Sea with Jeanette Sindler, Scottish Fisheries Museum

2000 ‘Hydrosphere’ Aberdeen Art Gallery
2001 ‘Miegakari, between seen and unseen’ site-specific installation in the Hill House, Scotland
2003 ‘Spirit of Place’ site-specific installation Talbot Rice Gallery, Ebeltoft Glasmuseum Denmark
2006 ‘Light of the North’ site-specific installation Tate St Ives, Cornwall
2007 ‘Aurora’ the Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
2007,8 ‘The Memory of Place’ site-specific installation York St Mary’s Church, The York Museum Trust
2009 ‘Light of the North’ Innovative Craft at Dovecot Studio, Edinburgh
2010 ‘Still Thinking of You’ site-specific installation, Invited Pittenweem Art Festival
2011 ‘I have not heard from you, Are you all light?’ fund raising & site-specific installation Pittenweem Art Festival and Scottish Fisheries Museum

1998 Short listed for the Jerwood Prize
1999 The Scottish Arts Council, Awards for Individual Development
2000 The Creative Scotland Awards for site-specific installation at the Hill House in 2001, Scotland UK
2002 New Work Fund (National Lottery) Scottish Arts Council for ‘Spirit of Place’ in Talbot Rice gallery UK
2005 Hope Scott Trust towards ‘Light of North’ Tate St Ives UK
2006 The Scottish Arts Council, Awards for Individual Development
2010 Edinburgh Visual Arts & Crafts Awards for create works for the Second European Triennial of Ceramic and Glass, Belgium

2004 ‘Security gates and windows’ Collavoration with John Creed the Liverpool Museum
2006 Sheaf Square, Cutting Edge and Barker Pool, Sheffield
2006 Suspend glass piece in the Atrium, Cove Library, Aberdeen,
2007 3 windows in the Bishop Palace, Eden Court Theatre and Cinema, Inverness
2008 Glass panels, the Multifaith Centre, New Oncology Wing, St James’s University Hospital Leeds
2009 Courtyard sculpture & Faith Centre window, Lanchester Road Hospital, Durham
2009 Suspended Atrium Feature Collaborate with Ronnie Watt, Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton
2010 Street Numbering disks, Regeneration project-Imagine Alloa, Scotland
2012 Suspending piece Commission for People’s History Galleries, Collaborate with Ronnie Watt, Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery
2012 Glass panels for Margret Kerr Unit, Border Hospital, Scotland
2013 Regenerate design commission Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Clinical Genetics Centre, Aberdeen