John Creed

John Creed is a multi-award winning master silversmith and blacksmith based outside Glasgow. He lectured for many years in Leeds and then at Glasgow School of Art and he has given masterclasses internationally.

With an interest in the whole spectrum of metalwork he takes an innovative approach to realising his ideas. Drawing and intuitive experimentation allied to his knowledge of materials and processes contribute to the development of his work.  He often uses a combination of metals/materials and a range of techniques from traditional hot forging to laser technology.  Much of his work is specially commissioned and he has exhibited widely.

His work ranges from the small and precious to large site specific architectural projects. Examples of exterior work include gates, screens, signage etc. Interior works include bannisters, lighting, stairways, railings for restaurants, institutions or domestic areas. Smaller work for the home includes coat, umbrella or music stands, lighting, vases, planters or objects for decoration or use at the meal table in precious or non-precious metals. Sculpture as public art, or in the garden, is also a particular interest where human scale and nature interact and complement.

In 1991 John Creed was commissioned by the National Museums of Scotland, with support from a Glenfiddich Living Scotland Award, to reconstruct a 2,000 year-old Celtic war horn, a Carnyx, from bronze fragments found at Deskford on the Moray Firth. This was the start of a partnership with international trombonist John Kenny which has recently lead to their participation in the European Music Archaeology Project.   The involvement with music has sparked his exploration of the rich repertoire of sounds produced by metal.