Jenny Pope

I am an artist in Edinburgh, working mainly in ceramics.

I have several interlinked themes that inspire me, all radiating from my fascination with the inescapable changes that happen in our internal lives and also externally in the natural environment.

I am an avid beachcomber and some work reflects ideas around walking and collecting found man-made objects.

I have explored the vulnerabilities of our bodies and the change processes related to illness, focussing on control of our breathing.
I am inspired by the practice of mindfulness.

I hand build using porcelain paperclay, other combustible additions, volcanic glazes and wire.

A new collection of jewellery further developing my
ceramic pieces made in response to beachcombing.

She has produced a range of exciting and unique hand made pieces, each one special. They are made from porcelain with a range of glazes fired to 1250 C.There are 3 collections: Erosion, Sea Worn Blues and Tidal.

Her visual inspiration comes from flotsam and jetsom she finds, beautifully weathered and intriguingly textured.

The vessels and spoons explore the feeling of ancient pots, and archeological finds. She has been inspired by museum collections of artifacts.