Isla Rustrick

Practice:  Textiles
Course of Study Textile Design
Place of Study:  Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, University of Dundee
Materials: Wool


Statement: An Exuberant illusion

“In response to our excessive consumer culture, my collection focuses on emotionally durable knitwear, targeting women over the age of 40. Fashion icon, Iris Apfel, was quoted saying ‘I enjoy the thrill of the chase, the discovery and the endless search’. After considering how our elders once purchased clothing, I discovered a distinction between style and fashion. Aged 78, Lynn Dell, declares ‘My philosophy of fashion says ‘me too’ while style says ‘only me’’ when featuring in Advanced Style, a documentation of flamboyant seniors. My research revealed that ‘exuberance’ is essential in choosing a timeless garment.

In search of a physical reaction between the wearer and their clothing, I concluded that a successful clash was necessary in achieving a level of flamboyance. In my task to create ‘knit to be noticed’, I have created compositions that appear random and chaotic, but once pieced together  fit into something interesting and unique. In order to showcase the joy and experimentation of my drawings I developed a wide variation of hand-knitted techniques into my sampling. I hope my collection personifies the advanced women I have characterised, balancing an illusion of elegance and exuberance.”

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