Inge Thomson

Inge Thomson is a musician, composer, performer and producer who grew up immersed in music on her native Fair Isle. Her main instrument is the piano-keyed accordion but she is increasingly drawn to experimenting with different sounds and instruments. She has an active solo career as well as working closely with the Karine Polwart band and has recorded three independent albums including the acclaimed Da Fishing Hands (2012).

“In 2013 I was fortunate enough to be invited on the Cape Farewell expedition to the north isles on the beautiful 1900s Fifie, The Swan. The vessel carried a crew of artists and scientists: the purpose being to facilitate a melding of minds under the banner of ‘Cultural Response to Climate Change’. Artists and scientists were encouraged to share knowledge and ideas to foster deeper understanding of the climate challenge. I met Deirdre on this boat and Cape Farewell supported us to develop the Sleeping Starfish