Hilary Grant

Hilary Grant is a luxury Scottish knitwear label creating staple winter accessories with craftsmanship, style and distinct personality.

We believe that everyday items should be beautifully made. Designed, knitted and hand finished in Scotland, Hilary Grant’s collection of scarves, hats and gloves combine simple, classic styles with bold patterns in sophisticated and compelling tones. Made from a soft 2 ply lambswool, Hilary Grant’s pieces are wearable, practical, playful and of the utmost quality; designed to be cherished and enjoyed winter after winter.

Drawing on the rich heritage of Scottish knitwear, Hilary’s pieces feel familiar; their classic shapes and designs evoking a sense of winter-time nostalgia with a contemporary overtone. The patterns, in a rich palette of tones, hold a modern graphic quality while maintaining a timeless charm. The shapes, although simple, have been carefully considered with purpose and wearability being key in their construction; scarves are wide and long, designed to be wrapped around multiple times for maximum warmth.