Helen Grundy

Helen Grundy is a contemporary fine artist based in Birmingham. She is an object maker and creator of ‘intentional collages’. Helen graduated from Birmingham School of Fine Art in 2004 and since then has been exhibiting both nationally and internationally. She has been awarded grants from the Arts Council and been an artist in residence at New Art Gallery Walsall, with the founding members of the art collective, Strange Ways. She is currently collaborating with the artist Paul Johnson for the ongoing art, curation and intervention project, Art Bank.

Helen’s practice is driven by her desire to create works that are surreal, provocative and humorous.  She is fascinated by the phenomenon of nostalgia and its bittersweet effect on our senses. Helen is currently exploring new directions with collage and found ephemera. The work she will be showing is part of a wider project called ‘FEARMAIL’ where Helen is installing small collages inside window-pane envelopes. Helen has chosen to work with these pieces of discarded paper ephemera as she works with homeless men in Birmingham city centre and these envelopes often include difficult news about a person’s health, finances, liberty etc. Helen is also collecting window-pane envelopes that are sent out to encourage people to consume more.

Helen uses humour in her work to make it accessible while promoting ideas of sustainability and personal responsibility regarding the environment. Helen is particularly interested in the relationship between humans and animals, especially with regards to the effects of intensive farming on animals and the planet.