Hannah Imlach

Hannah Imlach is a visual artist working predominantly in sculpture and photography. Her transient and site-specific works respond to particular ecologies, exploring sites of environmental conservation and renewable energy transition. These projects are initiated and sustained by opportunities to work within communities of specialist environmental knowledge, including scientific research groups, conservation charities and community organisations. Her pieces focus on sensory interaction and are often foldable, faceted or kinetic.

Hannah is a practice research PhD candidate within Human Geography at the University of Edinburgh exploring the potential for site-specific sculpture within the context of the RSPB Loch Lomond nature reserve.

The work Hannah will show it titled Nautilus Turbine – a sculptural response to the community-run energy infrastructure of the Isle of Eigg, Scotland. The sculpture is shown documented through photography in situ at the Laig weir on Eigg and focuses on the island’s hydroelectric scheme and the social, environmental and economic factors that have made the islanders’ energy self-sufficiency possible.