Eileen Pottle

Practice: Design
Course of Study: Jewellery and Metal Design
Place of Study: Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, University of Dundee
Materials: Silver, wood, paint, steel




“For many of us, travel brightens our lives. We spend months looking forward to it, counting down the days with excitement. We are charmed by everyday aspects of strange, new places. Personally, the colourful buildings in many European cities resonate with me. My current collection is inspired by the idyllic charm of the French Riviera. Walking around Nice and Monte Carlo, I fell in love with the building style.

I am especially drawn to the combination of the linear patterns created by the window shutters and pastel colours which are at the heart of the architectural style. My designs focus on simple geometric forms combined with the more detailed elements of cast figures. These enigmatic figures hint at an unknown story, adding an element of play, as the wearer is free to invent their own interpretation of each scenario. In addition to a selection of one-off brooches, I have developed a modular range of jewellery sets. Reflecting the sweet shop concept, the Pic ‘n’ Mix buildable jewellery kit consists of pieces which can be worn in any combination as part of a customisable design. My designs concentrate on simple wooden window or shutter shapes which can easily be combined with more detailed elements. The pastel colour palette, influenced by the colours of the French Riviera, is also reminiscent of sweets. I have always enjoyed customisable objects – things that offer people a chance to express individuality and style, and the satisfaction of working with their own hands.

With Pic ‘n’ Mix my intention is to create a playful experience in which the wearer can enjoy experimenting with different combinations of components to create an individual expression of their personality through the piece. The wearer becomes more engaged with a piece, which is partly their own creation, and which can be a continuing process of re-creation. In our throw-away society, the evolving object has the potential to keep  hold of the wearer’s interest. With Pic ‘n’ Mix, the boundaries of jewellery as inanimate objects are expanded into a dynamic, engaging, and perhaps therapeutic experience.”

To see more of Eileens work visit her website at www.pottlejewellery.wixsite.com
and follow her on Instagram @pottlejewellery