Eden Dodd

Eden Dodd is a transfeminine artist living and working in Glasgow, Scotland. Her practice focuses on the concept of ‘fractured states’; the space between planes of existence, of dichotomies and of the physical and ethereal states. Dualities, reflections, and doubles are integral to the language used to describe these states. The concepts of her work focus on personal demons, the transfeminine experience, and personal mythologies and narratives acting as ‘lenses’ of self-analysis and actualisation. Her ongoing re-calibration of her identity is expressed through its connectivity to the androgynous nature of deities and mythological beings – wells from which she channels her power as a transfeminine person.  

She has exhibited solo and as part of group exhibitions nationally and internationally, with a multidisciplinary practice focused predominantly within a form of sculpture that ‘blurs the lines between dimensions or states of being’ as well as art disciplines. 

Dodd has recently finished studying her Master of Letters in Fine Art Practice (Sculpture) at Glasgow School of Art in 2021. Selected projects include Kunst I’m Nomad, Basel, Switzerland (2022); Severance, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh (2022); Death Throes at the University of Connecticut Art Galleries, Connecticut and SPRING/BREAK, New York, USA (2021); Plan B, SALT space Gallery, Glasgow (2021); Cwn Annwn, Cardiff Made, Cardiff (2020). 

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