Deirdre Nelson

Deirdre Nelson is an Irish artist/designer based in Glasgow. She studied textiles at Glasgow School of Art in 1992 and then a Masters in Philosophy in 1996. Her practice is wide ranging but focuses on textiles which explore humour, place and social history.

Working sometimes to commission or within an artist residency, Deirdre is often engaged with education or community projects where she explores social and environmental issues through the process of making. Deirdre also works to commission for arts and healthcare organisations, collaborating with creatives such as architects, musicians and writers and allowing her to create and produce diverse projects.

Deirdre is a regular volunteer at the Repair Café Glasgow an organisation that facilitates repair through skill sharing. For this exhibition Deirdre is showing a t-shirt that she bought on Ebay then repaired through skilled needlework. She has darned and embroidered the surface of the fabric with text taken from A Repair Manifesto (proposed by Amsterdam based collective Platform 21). This manifesto asserts that repairing is environmentally responsible and more efficient than recycling. Repairing saves money, teaches new skills and is beneficial to the environment. The manifesto is for both professionals and amateurs, encouraging everyone to participate in sharing ideas, knowledge and innovation in the field of repair.