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Catherine Brunet

Catherine Brunet graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in 2011 and since then has worked to create an exciting and stylish knitwear collection with products for both fashion and interiors. Inspired by the contrast of natural Scottish seascapes with heavy, industrial urban landscapes Catherine’s work represents the antithesis of random versus precise and organic versus man made.


Roisin Connolly

Roisin’s fresh approach to contemporary jewellery is inspired by photographs of her local surroundings, which she abstracts to create feminine, wearable and tactile accessories. Using a refined photo etching technique Roisin pays homage to traditional dark room photography, taking her own narrative photography and translating it into pieces that will last a lifetime. Roisin’s work has already been featured in the likes of Plog Magazine, Fake Magazine and on


Jo Walker

Marks made in seconds can survive thousands of years, the finger marks of the potter preserved for generations. Most of Jo’s work is thrown on the potter’s wheel and she decorates each piece using the technique of sgraffito: when the work is partially dry it is dipped into a contrasting coloured slip. Jo then scratches the design through the coloured slip to reveal the white clay body underneath. Jo strives for simplicity but at the same time each piece must function well; a well-balanced jug with a sharp lip for pouring, a secure fitting lid and the handle of a mug that is comfortable to hold. She also pays a lot of attention to detail; a well finished piece is very pleasing to the touch as well as the eye.