Comments from artists

“Whoopwhoop ! Happy birthday!”
Sarah Derrick

“Bravo, team! Good work, keep it going.”
Anna S King

“A very happy tenth anniversary to you both, and to all who help out at FCAC! – That’s a wonderful achievement.”
Sarah Gittens

“Congratulations lovely people! Well done for all the good you do – you are appreciated.”
Beth Legg

“Congratulations to you all on a great 10 years.”
Marian Leven & Will Maclean

“Happy 10th Anniversary @fifecontemp – A wonderful organisation making great things happen in Fife – To the next 10!”
Frances Priest

“I remember, with great fondness being one of the Fife poets paired with a Shetland textile artist- Diane Garrick in order to cross-fertilise, as it were, each other. Remit – to produce work on the theme of ‘farlin’, however interpreted. From opening up the parcel sent by Diane from Shetland of examples of her textile work – beautiful sea-coloured weavings – to working with her and then subsequently visiting her on Shetland – all remembered with gratitude for a development opportunity that proved expansive at both a personal and professional level.”
Maureen Sangster
dags – text Maureen Sangster/ textile creation Diane Garrick

“Thanks for all the great exhibitions over the years.
Thanks for organising the conference days.
Thanks for the great website – very useful.
Thanks for the Artists’ Awards which helped get creative work done, courses attended, skills upgraded etc, etc.
Thanks for keeping it all going through some uncertain times.Bring on another 10 years but thanks for the last 10.
Sheena Watson