Catriona Patterson

Green Arts Project Manager, Creative Carbon Scotland

With an interdisciplinary background, and experience in private, public and third sector sustainability policy and practice, Catriona focuses on the knowledge dissemination and wider engagement element of how the cultural sector can contribute towards a more sustainable Scotland. Catriona manages Creative Carbon Scotland’s ‘Green Arts Initiative’: a networked community of practice for Scottish cultural organisations committed to reducing their environmental impact. Now with around 230 members in Scotland alone, she hosts annual conferences, creates tailored resources, and supports the upskilling of the arts sector.

Catriona is also the Project Manager for Cultural Adaptations, a Creative Europe co-operation project across Scotland, Ireland, Belgium and Sweden. Running from October 2018 to March 2021, the project seeks to explore culture’s role in society’s adaptation to the impacts of climate change, and the adaptation issues which will effect cultural organisations.

From 2015-2019 she provided strategic support to Festivals Edinburgh (the umbrella organisation for Edinburgh’s major cultural events), embedding environmental sustainability and exploring collaborative innovation across world-leading festivals.

Catriona is a trustee of the 2050 Climate Group (a charity focused on engaging Scottish young professionals in climate change issues), equipping her with a continually expanding national and international context, and allowing her to create innovative responses to the global interest in our unique approach to sustainability.