Caroline Finlay

Caroline trained at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, Scotland.  Alongside teaching I have exhibited my jewellery in Scotland, England and Ireland.

I am currently experimenting with the use of enamel and different surface finishes. These include Basse-taille and Champleve enamelling techniques and matt finishes.  Receiving the Fife Craft Artist Award 2011 and 2012 has helped me develop my work.

I am inspired by my natural surroundings and the sea. I am interested not only in the textures, colours and patterns found there but the symbiotic relationship of plants, creatures, the tide, seasons and life cycles and want to echo this in the relationship between the wearer and my jewellery.

I work mainly in silver incorporating enamel and use silversmithing and traditional jewellery craft skills. I am particularly interested in mark making on metal surfaces and techniques include; embossing, piercing, punching, hammering, etching, raising and forming. 

I enjoy the process from start to finish of gathering inspiration through photographs and found objects and sketching or digitally enhancing an idea and developing it at the bench. I love the way a piece evolves at each stage and the spontaneity that experimental enamelling allows.

The techniques I use mean every piece is unique.