Bettina Dittelmann


Walking in the woods I found a lot of old enamelled pots formerly used by the
farmers, then disposed, dumped and given back to nature.
They are deformed, rusted, broken, torn. Objects of everyday life.
Decay makes the form and content. The passing time works the pieces….
form still follows function.
The vessels have become my collectables.
I exhibit them outdoors, with the title: “Meine Neue Sammlung“.
After my apprenticeship, I stopped silversmithing, thinking it is too far away
from life to make precious objects in a time of industry making affordable and
well designed objects .
But my interest in enamel and the found objects make me come back to my
original training.
I drink out of an enamelled cup.
I am tempted by my cup. Starting to raise some forms. Timid. Can I go back?
Working with the hammer is full of pleasure.
I will try to walk a new path, hopefully.