Angela Pointon

Angela says she is ‘driven to create because of the positive experience of using and enjoying beautiful ceramics in everyday life activities. No matter how simple the object, like a favourite mug, these are the things that turn a house into a home. They give us a strong sense of belonging and build on our identity.’

Her work on a ‘collection of bottles’ was about re-inventing, in ceramics, the old style of household bottles and plays with the idea of taking something old and creating something new, something that had one purpose and giving it a different one. An old glass poison bottle can be re-created and altered to become a treasured vessel. This concept has been developed further in the with jugs that were designed based on older styles and then given a more modern twist. The illustrations and imagery are heavily influenced from time spent living in the Far East where strong colour is very much a part of that style.

Angela works in porcelain for its smoothness, beauty and elegance. Its whiteness is a perfect canvas for the fine, colourful drawings that characterize her work.

In 2012, she moved into her new home studio in Glasgow and developed the ‘Clan Gathering’ work which was inspired by her own family gatherings more often than not held in Fife where most of her family live. The plan is to keep developing these ideas to create an eclectic range of tableware that is fun and attractive with an appeal for all from the young to the old. Other ranges are coming through, the ‘envelope collection’ and the ‘china cat collection’.