Amanprit Sandhu

Amanprit curatorial interests lie in the research and production of experimental exhibition formats, and projects that exist outside of the gallery or institute, and working with creative practitioners whose works lie at the nexus of art, design, politics and technology.

Her curatorial placement at the Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art has allowed her to work alongside international artists and curators, in the development, commissioning and production of artworks and projects within public spaces. This process has deepened her understanding of the discussions surrounding art in the public realm, namely that of context, site and history. The placement has continued to open up questions about the wider role that the ‘contemporary art biennial’ plays within the social, cultural and economic life of a city and its people.

Current areas of independent research include the rise of art centres and alternative art spaces in South Asia, and the role of artist communities and activists within the regeneration of post-industrial cities, such as Detroit, USA.

Her final-year exhibition proposal, Dalliances with the Other, explores the influence and trajectories of esoteric and Eastern thinking on contemporary art practice.

Host organisation: Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool

Amanprit also helped found DAM PROJECTS,  a curatorial collective alongside Daniella Rose King and Morgan Quaintance. Inclusive and anti-elitist, the collective use temporary exhibitions and events to support emerging, underexposed and unorthodox artists, art scenes, discourses and debates.