Abi Bruce

Practice:  Screen Print
Course of Study Textile Design
Place of Study:  Edinburgh College of Art
Materials: Neoprene, ink, paint and thread




“My 6-garment collection is heavily based on my collages and playful drawings, inspired by random objects, found on the floors of Thailand and Italy.  The objects were my initial research, taking colours, textures and compositions from them.  I keep my work free and playful, with lots of bold colours and different textures.  I love clashing prints and nothing is ever ‘too much’.  White is always my canvas, to really emphasise the abstract shapes and colours.  My favourite part of the design process has always been drawing.  So I love to use coloured crayons, pro-markers, oil pastels, coloured card, a mix of media together to create one collaged image.  I draw and draw in differently sized sketchbooks.  Experimentation is key – I do whatever I please – then transfer my drawings to textiles through screen-print and other media.  Designing abstract imagery alongside carefully considered textures and a focus on bold, bright colours generates my fun and enjoyable collection.

This particular project considers layering and experimenting with diverse techniques, to produce playful and unique surfaces for quirky fashion prints.  Technique I used was mostly screen print.  Within screen printing I used various techniques such as puff, aqua-suede, elastic and opaque binders, to allow for a mix of textures to co-inside with my initial object inspiration.  Alongside I used CAD embroidery.  I like to push the boundaries of traditional techniques, such as the embroidery.  Enlarging the stitches into abstract shapes has allowed me to create new and exciting compositions, allowing these practices to become more lively and contemporary.

As my degree is in Textiles, I am programmed to always see the everyday colours and textured surfaces around me to stimulate my work.  When I am abroad, the surroundings are all new and exciting, so I make sure to capture this by taking lots of photographs, as well as acquiring random objects for inspiration.  Art occurs in my life every day, from inspiration to admiration.  Everything can be a stimulation for drawing, colour, texture ideas, that really builds my artwork.  Although I don’t understand everything, it simply makes me happy and will always be a big part of my life.”

To view more of her projects visit her Website here www.abibruce.com and follow Abi on instagram  @abibrucedeisgn for her latest news.