About Fife Contemporary

The crisis in Gaza is the result of unconscionable military and terrorist actions. To stop the escalation of this growing humanitarian disaster there must be an immediate ceasefire and all parties must comply with humanitarian and human rights law.

The repercussions of conflicts such as this reverberate around the world, and Fife Contemporary reiterate our commitment to promoting respect and equality, and standing against prejudice.

Who are Fife Contemporary?

Fife Contemporary is an independent craft & visual arts organisation based out of St Andrews, Fife. Our programme is delivered across Fife, through varied partnerships, in all kinds of places. We produce a high-quality programme of visual art and craft exhibitions, events and activities to support artists and makers and for the public in Fife; facilitating engagement between them and enriching their lives. Using digital tools, and national and international collaboration, we reach an even larger audience.  

We are funded by Creative Scotland and Fife Council.

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What we do

Our public programme enables audiences in Fife to experience and connect to some of the most interesting, innovative and high-quality work being produced by visual art and craft artists in Scotland today. Our Craft Pods tour Fife libraries, schools and other venues, and our artist residencies, projects and outdoor commissions bring work even closer to the heart of community life. Our Summer School, supported by the Wilhelmina Barns Graham Trust brings professional artists and school pupils from across Fife together each year.  

Working with and for Artists 

We have built a unique network for artists in Fife and beyond, providing information, opportunities and support. This includes training and experiences for artists to meet, learn and develop their work. The best way for any artist to join this network is to sign up to our fortnightly newsflash, or follow us on social media. Our Materialise New Makers Award is an annual programme that supports newly graduated artists from applied arts courses across Scotland to establish their careers.

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Equality and the Environment 

We are committed to creating programmes which support visibility and access for minority groups and those facing barriers to inclusion. We work to ensure that we are reducing our own carbon footprint whilst also exploring and highlighting creative and innovative responses to the climate emergency through our public and artists programmes.


Fife Contemporary is a registered charity. You can support our work by purchasing something from our shop, subscribing to our Programme News or visiting one of our current exhibitions.

Our origins

Fife Contemporary has been in existence since 2006, but its roots can be found in the Crawford Arts Centre, a long-established venue in St Andrews that closed its doors in 2006. It is from this history that we gain much of our curatorial expertise and programming ethos, bring exciting contemporary visual art & craft projects to life. 

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