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Fife Pride 2024

On Saturday 29 June the Fife Contemporary team joined in the celebrations at Fife Pride in Kirkcaldy, with a colourful stall of badge-making and colouring-in activities all inspired by Lucy Pearl Petts’ work in the 2024 Craft Pods. 

Fife Pride button-badges!

Despite the wind we managed to make 100s of badges using the funky Fife Contemporary pride logo or colourful bubble paper referencing Lucy’s designs. The badges were a hit, and fit right in among a sea of badges signaling representation, allyship and inclusion of all kinds.

As the Craft Pods tour around Fife with Lucy Pearl Petts’ work inside, a stop at The Hive – Fife’s LGBT+ Community Hub – was an obvious choice during Pride month. Among the celebrations (and the famous Fife Pride after party), you could find Lucy’s 3D printed jewellery, which riffs on Queer maximalism, while the vivid range of colours are represented across the Pride flag variations.  

Lucy Pearl Petts’ work in the Craft Pods can be found at The Hive in Kirkcaldy until 24 July

The creative activities at our Fife Pride stall were designed by local Kirkcaldy-based artist Sarah Wakeford, and have been used to engage students and families as the Craft Pods travel around Fife communities. If you missed grabbing a copy at our Fife Pride stall, instructions for the activities can also be downloaded below:
Lucy Pearl Petts Family Activity Sheet
Lucy Pearl Petts Educational Activity Sheet

Fife Contemporary give a huge hands up to Fife Pride organisers, and for all the people there who joined in the celebrations with us. Fife Contemporary stay proud year-round, but will take any excuse to raise LGBTQI+ support in the arts, and use our new super-amazing bubble gun! 

Fife Contemporary feeling proud at Fife Pride!

Lucy Pearl Petts work in the Craft Pods will stay at The Hive until Wednesday 24 July before moving to Methil Heritage Centre. More about Lucy’s work and the Craft Pod tour, including locations, can be found at the 2024 Craft Pod Tour page here.

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