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Fife Contemporary Selects New Makers Awards 2024

It is degree show season, one of our favourite times of the year! Now in its 8th year the Materialise programme champions new makers from design based disciplines graduating from Scottish Art Schools. Materialise, which provides a platform for new and emerging practices, is an ever evolving programme of activity and support that is co developed by each new cohort and seeks to enhance their year post graduation. In past iterations we have held symposiums, in person and online exhibitions, critical feedback sessions, business planning, residencies and much more! Each makers is also awarded a prize of £250 to put towards the development of their practice.

We visit all the major Scottish degrees shows and our staff team have the privilege but difficult task of selecting the makers that align with Fife Contemporary’s core values, tutors are also incredibly helpful at giving us insights into the students work. We look to share and encourage activity that is multidisciplinary in approach and outcome and are interested in innovative, environmentally aware and conceptual work.

This year we are thrilled to introduce makers that have been inspired to create their work with narratives, techniques and materials that we haven’t encountered before. From bold textile installations to incredibly delicate decomposable structural paper yarn knits to a joyous technique called knit de knit and colourful woven studio waste. The jewellery and silversmith departments gave us lighting inspired by an exchange in Japan, speculative and imagined underwater worlds of jewels, energetic drawings in enamel and wire as well as a maker that merges historic Scottish skills with new technology. We even discovered the most gentle and meticulous, slowly crafted hand raised ceramics, we left each show excited to see where their work will take them.

Below is a taster of their incredible work so please browse and follow them. We cant wait to work with them over the next year to see how it all evolves.

Anna Rooney

brightly coloured knitted textiles inspired by horse chestnuts
Description: brightly coloured knitted textiles inspired by horse chestnuts

Website, Instagram: @annaroooney

Leah Faulks

CNC machined Scottish wood with hammered silver cup
Description: CNC machined Scottish wood with hammered silver cup

WebsiteInstagram: @faulks.metal

Erin MacLeod

Description: Two models wearing knitted textiles using Knit de Knit technique

WebsiteInstagram: @erinmacleodtextiles

Holly Munro

Description: A collection of copper objects inspired by natural shoreline forms

WebsiteInstagram: @hollymunro_design

Katie Monteith

Description: Woven and pleated textile inspired by the northern landscapes of Northern Ireland

WebsiteInstagram: @katiemonteith_textiles

Kyle Ferguson

Description: Coral and brass ring inspired by a fictional underwater realm

WebsiteInstagram: @dormante_jewel

Imogen Hales

Description: Various brooch drawings in enamel glass and wire

WebsiteInstagram: @minhales

Roisin Spence

Knitted textiles with white paper yarn
Description: Nature inspired knitted textiles with white paper yarn emulating growth

WebsiteInstagram: @roisin_spence_pdf

Rianne van Ladesteijn

Description: Slow and meticulous hand built ceramic vessels in different clay bodies

Instagram: @rianne_does_ceramics

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