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Fife Contemporary’s New Makers Award 2023

We are thrilled to announce the selection of this year’s graduates who will be joining our Materialise programme, now in its seventh year. We are passionate about supporting innovation in creativity, and have meticulously chosen makers who align with our values and are pushing the boundaries of their practice.

Our selection process involved attending all the Degree shows in Scotland and identifying graduates who met our criteria. We aim to develop and engage with work that is multidisciplinary, innovative, environmentally conscious, and conceptual. We are excited to work with artists who share our vision and encourage activities that embody these values.

Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, graduates have persevered and presented exceptional work at the Degree show.

The goal of Materialise is to provide a platform for new graduates to showcase their work on our website and receive bespoke professional development sessions. At the end of the program in October 2024, the cohort will have the opportunity to display their work in our online exhibition. Additionally, each maker will receive £250 towards their creative practice to purchase new materials or tools.

We strongly believe that the Materialise program will provide our new graduates with the necessary support and exposure to take their creative practice to the next level. We are committed to supporting emerging makers and are honoured to be a part of their journey. We cannot wait to see what our selected makers will achieve during and beyond the programme.

Introducing this year’s graduates who will be joining us for Materialise 7.

Ruth Christman

Description: 3D Printed, slip cast ceramic lichen held in a copper hand raised vessel. Materials: Ceramic, Copper.

Website, Instagram:

Lily Smith

Description: A collection of hand spun nonfunctioning chalices. Materials: copper and silver.

Website, Instagram: @lily.the.smith

Josie Gomersall

Description: Reversible knitted textiles for outdoors/sports. Materials: Elastic, Merino and Monofilament.

Website, Instagram: @jg._textiles

Morgan Griffiths Hagan

Description: ‘A Garment to Trust’ – Unisex, multi-seasonal, waterproof jacket. Inspired by compositions found within the Barbican. Materials: Halley Stevensons R200 Hybrid/Aero™, organic cotton, recycled cotton buttons. 

Website, Instagram: @_mghdesign

Erica Earle-Robertson

Description: Vessels inspired and made using the traditional practice of weaving in Zimbabwe. Materials: Paper yarn and ilala palm, naturally dyed using logwood. 

Website, Instagram: @erica.indigo

Emily Rose Criddle

Description: Natural, Chemical Free dyed and printed textiles inspired by cotton plants, flax flowers, and moths. Dyes made from: marigolds, heather, chamomile, and logwood. Materials: Linen, Cotton, Silk.

Website, Instagram: @emilyrosetextile

Alice Biolo

Description: Cylindrical shaped silver hollow brooch, with a hidden compartment on the inside, a metaphor of the human state. Materials: Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, Red Garnets.

Website, Instagram:

Niamh Wright

Description: Necklace and Earrings inspired by the inner workings of the mind when overwhelmed by emotions. Materials: Laser cut acrylics, mother-of-pearl, neon threads, silver and hand-woven wire.

Website, Instagram: @nifjewels

Anita Sarkezi

Description: ‘Hybridisation Of Colour And Ornament’ – Woven organic and geometric Textiles inspired by rural textiles, floral motifs in Central and Eastern Europe. Materials: Wool

Website, Instagram: @studio_sarkezi_

Helen Etherton

Description: Woven textiles inspired by sustainability and ethical production, responsible design. Materials: Silk, mohair/synthetic, silk/linen wefts; polyester warp.

Website, Instagram: @hextiles_

Dylan Lothian

Description: Sculptural wearable design objects that are made using textile waste. Materials: Cotten, nylon fabrics

Instagram: @vxqr.dl

Marta Lesniak

Description: Lighting inspired by various organic forms. Materials: potato starch.

Instagram: @practical_art_

Abigail-Rose Cloete

Description: Filigree Earrings inspired by various natural forms. Materials: Jasper, Opal, ethical silver and gold.

Instagram: @abigail_rosecloete

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