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In conversation with Cerys Williams

Cerys Williams is a young jeweller, based in Methil, Fife. She was awarded a Creative Scotland Youth Arts Fund Bursary with Fife Contemporary earlier this year. Programme Manager, Susan Davis, caught up with her recently to find out how she was getting on.

SD         Why did you apply for a Youth Arts Fund Bursary?

CW        My teacher at school told me about the Youth Arts Bursary. I left Levenmouth Academy in 2020 and during lockdown was making jewellery from my home. I did a lot of copper wire jewellery, giving it to friends and family. I wanted to give it a go and see and if I could find a way to make an income from my jewellery-making.

SD         Have you always enjoyed doing art and craft activities?

CW        Yes, I’ve always enjoyed doing that kind of thing, for as long as I can remember.  I was one of these kids that drew on the walls! I also like drawing but couldn’t see myself doing it as a job, but would like to keep drawing more as a hobby. Jewellery-making was what I was particularly attracted to.

SD         What are you looking forward to doing as part of the Bursary?

CW        I’ve already done a short course with Alana Peden (East Nook Studio), making 3 rings and a pendant in silver, which was great. We were in a small group of 4. As part of the Bursary, I’ve also just received lot of new equipment, suggested to me by Alana, and also Stefanie Cheong (Fife Contemporary’s Artist Development Officer who is also a jeweller). I’ve now got things like a small blow-torch, hammers, a saw, heat blocks, so I can do cutting and soldering.  I’m very excited to try it all out! Looking forward to experimenting with the new equipment and skills – I will be doing further courses as part of the Bursary, and will then have a better idea of what other things I want to learn.

Silver pendant and 3 silver rings by Cerys Williams
Silver jewellery made during Cerys’s East Nook Studio course

SD         What would you like to be doing in a years’ time (so after the Bursary ends)?

CW        I enjoy learning new skills and would hope to have a small online shop ultimately where I can sell my jewellery from and have a source of income from it. It’s nice to have total freedom for a bit to see what I want to do.

Cerys will be working on this project till early 2023 and we look forward to catching up with her again in a few months’ time to see how she’s progressing!

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