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Meandering on the Trail of Thought

We chose a very warm afternoon to tackle the Trail of Thought at Falkland Estate. And probably made harder work of it than was necessary! As someone connected with the project, I knew exactly what the 6 artworks looked like. I also knew how the map was laid out. But what I’d failed to appreciate totally was that there’s a little bit of walking and climbing to do before you reach the Trail’s starting point.

I should’ve realised that this would be the case, as the Trail is located at points up and around the paths leading to the Temple of Decision and the Tyndall Bruce Monument. These are both vantage points from which to look across the lovely Fife countryside (so they’re high up of course!).

Anyway, I’ve taken a few photos of the QR-coded way-markers that help seekers feel confident they must be on the right track (as well as providing a link to the helpful website). Here’s some clues to help you find the artworks. It’s well worth persevering. In addition to getting good exercise in fresh air, the thoughtful words carved in carefully chosen typography, are good to ponder on.

This way-marker is near the top of the hill as you come out of the denser woodland from the Forest of Falkland Gateway Park – turn RIGHT!

At this way-marker, you could carry on up the hill (but there is more hilly walking beyond). Take the track to the RIGHT for a slightly flatter option (remember, there’s no one way to find the artworks!).

OR, depending on your route from the carpark, you may have come under (or up to) this iron bridge beside a way-marker. Up the hill to find *SPOILER ALERT* a couple of artworks!

Head RIGHT towards the Temple of Decision (unless you need a cup of tea at The Stables by now…but it’s a fair way to come back!). You should find *SPOILER ALERT* one of the artworks, before ending up….

…at this spot! Turning LEFT up this hill will ultimately *SPOILER ALERT* take you past an artwork, en route to the Temple. Carry on the same path, and you’ll find *SPOILER ALERT* the final two!
If you don’t turn left here, you’ll end up at the Tyndall Bruce Monument (you can see it from here in fact).

Here’s the view from the way-marker above, looking over the trees to the Tyndall Bruce Monument. You can pass it and come to the Temple from the other direction too. So many options!

The map will help you locate what I’ve described above. Furthermore, if you tap on the orange artwork icons, you should see another link which enables you to listen to Lesley Acheson’s audio guide about the individual artwork. These are all short and sweet and give excellent insights while you ponder and walk.

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