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Green Arts Day 2021

Thursday 19August was Green Arts Day, and we were proud to take part and use our social media to talk about what we have been doing, and how we support the work of others.

#GreenArts Day 2021

This year, Creative Carbon Scotland encouraged the Green Arts members, like Fife Contemporary, to use Green Arts Day to focus on the theme, Just and Green Recovery, and share Culture for Climate Scotland’s 10 steps towards a just and green recovery in the cultural sector. These steps have been developed to help the cultural sector reach Scotland’s 2045 target of net-zero emissions in a way that is collaborative, inclusive and just.

We shared content on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and reminded our audiences that we are committed to being as environmentally sustainable as possible. We have our own Climate and Environmental Policy, with nine aims:

  1. Minimise Waste
  2. Minimise Energy Use and Encourage Renewable Energy
  3. Encourage Accessible and Sustainable Transport and Travel
  4. Develop and Implement Sustainable Purchasing Policy
  5. Ensure the Effective Management of Other Resources
  6. Meet or Exceed Legal Requirements
  7. Control Pollution
  8. Protect and Enhance the Natural and Built Environment
  9. Promote Good Practice

We have been working on each of these aims to ensure that we are monitoring our carbon, making reductions, and advocating and helping others to do the same. As part of that we have launched a free, downloadable, Artists’ Environmental Resource, and a Sharespace for artists to share their own environmental practice. We also have a carbon statement, and a travel plan, to make sure that we place sustainability at the heart of our programme.

Artists’ Environmental Resource front page

One of the things that 2020 highlighted is how we continue to bring our commitment to working towards being environmentally sustainable as an organisation into how we work from home. Many people made the switch to homeworking in 2020, and this is going to be a large part of how we work as an organisation going forward. Monitoring our carbon footprint at home is now part of our commitment to the aims and values of the organisation.

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