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On This Day – 11 February 2020 – Berlin Water, Valerie Coffin Price

Boob, Boom, 2019

Little did we know when we opened the exhibition on 11 February, that we would have to close the doors on 23 March as the world faced the effects of COVID-19.

Opening as part of the StAnza Poetry Festival 2020, Valerie Coffin Price responded to the waterways of Berlin and the poetry of Stephanie Green.

Globules of Light, with text

Berlin Water emerged out of Valerie Coffin Price’s visits to Berlin, working alongside German sound artist Sonja Heyer along the city’s waterways, and producing sketches and videos in response to Stephanie Green’s poetry from Berlin Umbrella, as well as the city, the water, its sounds and environment.

Deep Wells

Valerie Coffin Price is a Welsh artist whose work responds creatively to the language of poetry and place. The poetic resonance of language and its connection to the environment drives her work, which is concerned with how environment is defined through language and cultural identity. Based in Cardiff, Wales. Her work responds to the poetic resonance of language and its connection to the environment. For the past 20 years she has been working with poetry and literature as inspiration, source material and content for her art practice.

Valerie Coffin Price

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