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March 2020 – Fife Contemporary On the Move

A month ago the Fife Contemporary world was a different place.

We had known for a few months that we would need to move out of our office base at the Town Hall in St Andrews for a few weeks while building work was being completed. We had been working to the plan of a partial move, taking a few essential files, and retaining access to the office when it was required. This would be happening soon, but not immediately.

Then we received the news that the work on the roof would take longer, and be more invasive than had originally been thought, so we now had to move out completely. When? By the end of the week….

The Town Hall has been the FC office base since 2006, and moving everything from it was a very big task indeed. Luckily, there was space at the St Andrews Local Office building, which could take four desks, plus all our associated files, but the huge task of packing and moving had to been done quickly. The van was booked, and the packing started. Diana and Susan sprang into action, boxing, packing and organising.

On the plus side, with little time, it was a great opportunity for a good clear out and long overdue declutter. Packing took three days, the move took two, and by the end of it, we should have been ready to start unpacking, and settling into our new office base.

But this was March, and half way through the move, we all became very aware of COVID-19, and what it would mean for everyone. Two members of staff fall into the ‘shielding’ category, so instead of laptops and boxes going to the office, they were diverted to homes, where home offices were being set up. And then the government encouraged us all to work from home if we can, so instead of settling into our lovely new office space, all four members of FC are now working from home.

It was hectic and it was unexpected, but it is working. Although we have always been able to work from home, the switch from doing it for a few days, to doing it full time, along with everyone else, has been a challenge. Like most people at the moment, suddenly having your home become your office can be disorientating, especially now when we are limited in movement.

Susan managed to snap a few pictures during the move, and has put them together in a movie, so you can see the emptying office at the Town Hall, and the rapidly filling new office space. Enjoy!

At the moment, we are unable to receive mail, or take telephone calls, as our office base is closed. You can keep in touch with the FC team through social media, or by emailing us directly.

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