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Artist Stories No 1 Gavin Burnett

Fortnightly during this time of isolation we will be sharing positive stories form our artist community to uplift, inspire and keep us all connected. Our first artist is Ceramicist Gavin Burnett sharing what he has been up to so far.

“My studio size may have reduced and with it the scale of my work, but the creativity hasn’t reduced. With a hotpot kiln I’m still able to make and bisque fire new jewellery pieces in a standard microwave. ”

“My teaching & work deadlines disappeared almost overnight but that has allowed me time to engage with testing surface decoration & colour techniques. Frustratingly, the true porcelain colours won’t be seen until kiln fired to 1260c.” 

Instagram: @crockerymonsieur 
Facebook: @gavinburnettceramics

Thanks Gavin for being generous with your images of work in progress and your resourceful processes! I think I may need a hotpot kiln in my life!

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