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Banner Exhibition – All About Shipping Containers!

They’re pretty ubiquitous nowadays – hundreds of thousands cross oceans every day; you see them being used as offices on building sites, or rusting away on waste land, their original purpose forgotten. But what do you know about the average shipping container? Read on for more information!

Why are we doing this?

Fife Contemporary has been researching shipping containers for a while now. We’re planning a much larger project using them in the future but thought it would be helpful to ‘gen up’ on their history, what they’re used for, and the less positive sides of them first. And then we thought we would print our findings on banners and place them in public spots around Fife to spread the word. And finally we got help from 2 excellent final year pupils at Madras College, St Andrews (Joy Jennings and Molly Rigby), who to be fair, did most of the hard work!

Examples of pages from Joy and Molly's sketchbooks
Examples of sketchbook pages by Joy (L) and Molly (R)
Joy with History banner

What’s on the banners?

The topics explored by the girls are the history of the shipping container, as ideal homes, used for art, the dark side, the environment, and 101 uses for them! A lot of information in very easily digestible pieces. Joy (L) also created a colourful sketch of how the shipping container transformed the shipping & transportation industry forever – a great visual way of understanding the difference they’ve made.

Where can you see them?

We’re planning on siting them in many of the places our Craft Pods tour to – currently libraries and secondary schools in Fife. The banners are standard roll-up style but as each banner explores one theme, they make perfect sense on their own, each telling a story. They can be sited therefore as one group, back to back, in pairs, in an outward- looking circle. In fact, they can be made to fit most spaces.

During June they’re visiting a school before the close of term but will be off into the public domain shortly – keep a look out for them! We’ll also publish details on our website and on social media.

And lastly…

Apart from saying many thanks to Joy and Molly, and wishing them both well in all their future endeavours, if you think you have a suitable space to display them, please get in touch with us to discuss!

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