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Green Arts Day 2019

It’s Green Art Day! Fife Contemporary is proud to be part of the Green Arts Initiative, and you might have noticed the Green Arts Organisation logo at the bottom of our web page. That means that we are committed to being as environmentally sustainable as we can be.

With help from Creative Carbon Scotland we have already implemented a number of energy and waste saving practices which makes our office and programme sustainable, and we are planning on more in the future.

During last year, we focused on reducing our waste. Like most people we already think, ‘Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle’, and we have recycling bins in the office for any waste we can’t reuse. We extended this to ‘Avoid, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Dispose’, and thought of ways we could avoid creating waste, and how we then disposed of any waste we created.

Our ‘Think before you Print’ policy has reduced the amount of printing we do, and when we have to print, we make sure it is always double sided. We use scrap paper and old print material for making scribble pads for our own notes, and when that is being disposed of, we shred the notes to make packing material.

We recycle our office supplies as much as possible, reusing envelopes and boxes, as well as reusing files and folders instead of buying new ones. This has not only reduced waste, but has also saved us space when archiving.

Our office printers are monitored to make sure they are in good working order, and we recycle all our printer cartridges.

We are committed to reducing plastic use, and have already switched to using jugs and glasses of water when we can, and using the ecologically sound Vegware cups and spoons for all our events.

Our display equipment is reused for as many exhibitions as we can, even though our limited storage space can present us with challenges. When we no longer need an item, it is offered for use to another organisation or artist.

This year we are focusing on reducing our energy use, which means a change in the way we work, and our behaviour, in the office and beyond.

Our ‘Switch Off’ policy ensures that all unnecessary office equipment is switched off at the end of the day, reducing the amount of energy used, and when they aren’t needed (because of our lovely sunny Scottish weather), we switch off the office lights, and enjoy the natural light. We have also added a timer to our office heating, to prevent the area becoming over hot, and reducing our energy use.

The reduced heat is popular with the Fife Contemporary office plants, which help to improve the mental health of staff, and promote a healthier and more relaxed working environment. They also look lovely on our window-sill.

Next year we will turn our attention to reducing our carbon footprint by reducing our travelling. Come back next year and find out how we have planned and managed this.

Further information on Green Arts Day can be found at Creative Carbon Scotland.

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