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Christmas Craft Downloadables

If you’re looking for ideas for keeping young minds and hands occupied as we move even closer to Christmas, perhaps downloading a few free craft projects from Fife Contemporary’s website will help!

Over the years, we have put together various drop-in activities for young visitors to our exhibitions to try and encourage a little hands-on engagement. These vary according to the theme of the exhibition of course, but there are some perennial favourites that work well at Christmas, particularly making 3D Christmas cards (using lots of glitter glue!). We realise that it’s sometimes easier to undertake a craft project if you have proper instructions and a template to work with; so to that end, you’ll find our downloadables include just that.  All you need is a printer and some paper – plus (ususally) scissors and glue, and of course glittery decorative bits and pieces etc.

If you’d like to have a go, either go to our Exhibitions and Events’ landing page where you’ll find all our current downloadables on  the right sidebar, or click on the links below for the Christmassy ones. There are one or two other cards available too, simple jewellery making and paper cutouts too.

Finally, credit for designing these pop up cards must go to Robert Sabuda whose website is a mine of information!  You’ll find details for it on all our downloads that are attributable to him.

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