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2 Weeks Left to Apply for October’s VACMA: Fife

The first deadline for VACMA: Fife is fast-approaching!

These Visual Artist and Craft Maker Awards are open to artists based in Fife, working in craft or visual art. They are co-funded by Creative Scotland and Fife Council, and Fife Cultural Trust and Fife Contemporary administer them.

In the current financial year (1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019) there are two deadlines – 2 October 2018 and 5 February 2019.  For this deadline, it is hoped that one Development Programme award will be made; Project Grants can be applied for in both October and February.

However, a word of advice: please read the guidelines’ document first to make sure that your project is suitable for whichever award you’re applying to. In addition to details about the Fife specifically, it also gives a useful overview to this national scheme including what makes a good project and what the judging panel will be looking for.

Also take a look at the application forms – there is a separate one for the Project Grants and Development Programme. Understanding what kind of questions are asked should help you focus your mind on the things you need to think about for your own project.

And finally, if take a look further down the VACMA: Fife webpage, you’ll see a series of short films / soundbytes from past award recipients which gives helpful tips from artists who’ve already been successful.

Before spending a lot of time doing your application, get in touch with us to find out if your idea is suitable for these awards.  If it isn’t, we’ll try and suggest alternatives. And if you can’t get us on the phone, drop us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

As many of the artists on that webpage say,  if you’ve got a worthwhile project that meets the scheme’s criteria, you’ve got nothing to lose by applying!

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