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We’ve had much anticipation with Nexus, waiting for the many pieces of work to arrive from the 20 participating artists. None disappointed and will benefit from multiple visits to Kirkcaldy Galleries to look closely and enjoy the details!

Rajesh Gogna, 'Architect #4' and 'Architect #6'

Rajesh Gogna, ‘Architect #4’ and ‘Architect #6’

An interesting point is that approximately half the artists made an item (or items) of new work for the show – something that we hadn’t initially expected.  Look out, for example, for Jane Adam‘s Blue Albert Mobile; Michael Brennand-Wood‘s ‘Thoughtform – Rhythm is a Dancer’; Rajesh Gogna‘s ‘Architect #6’ (and altered ‘Architect #4’); Janet Haigh‘s ‘Patchwork’; Zoë Hillyard‘s ‘Moon Shadow Vase’ and ‘Kiln Cracked Series – Katharina’s Bowl’; Genevieve Howard‘s ‘Autumn in Paris necklace and bracelet’; Ruth Leslie‘s ‘Heddle pendant’ and ‘Heald brooch’; Lynne MacLachlan‘s ‘Double Cone Arm Piece (yellow-red)’, ‘Spiral Arm Piece (blue gradient)’, and ‘Oloid Arm Piece (blue-pink)’ – all supported by an Inches Carr Trust Craft Bursary, and premièred in Nexus; Romilly Saumarez Smith‘s entire selection of work, all newly made for Nexus; and Adi Toch‘s ‘Red Sand Bowl’ and ‘Dimple Bowl’. In addition to these, Anna Lorenz and Jacky Puzey both remade work to include in the show.

We are immensely grateful to all the artists taking part in Nexus for loaning us such incredible work and are sure that visitors will find a huge amount to look and be amazed at. Our partner organisation, Ruthin Craft Centre in North Wales, will be looking forward greatly to receiving the exhibition later in 2018!

For an artist’s perspective on Nexus, click on this link to Janet Haigh’s blog post in which she succinctly and very insightedly gives her views of the work.  She makes very perceptive links between different artist’s work, and if you’d like to read about how much painstaking effort (and agony!) goes into producing many pieces of artwork, read her post of how ‘Patchwork’ came about.


Zoë Hillyard, 'Moon Shadow Vase'

Zoë Hillyard, ‘Moon Shadow Vase’

Janet Haigh's 'Patchwork'

Janet Haigh’s ‘Patchwork’

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