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Jasleen Kaur Exhibition Publication

Jasleen Kaur

Now Open at St Andrews Museum

Wed – Sat 10.30 to 4pm until 27th February 2017


Mum’s Side of the Family Bearsden, Glasgow 1977

To conclude our tenth anniversary year we are delighted to present Jasleen Kaur’s first Scottish solo exhibition at St Andrews Museum from 3 December 2016 until 25 February 2017. Although currently based in London the artist’s Scottish-Indian heritage informs her exploration of the malleability of culture and the layering of social histories within materials and objects.

Marbled Bust

Marbled Bust, Mohinder Singh (My Great Grandad), 2015

Awarded the prestigious Jerwood Makers Open in 2015 her practice involves making through a range of media which transcend the simple categories of craft and visual art. She often combines found materials with newly made elements. It is an approach she relates to the intuitive ‘cobbling together’ or making do with what is at hand to create hybrid, sometimes functioning objects. Materials are also made to mimic others such as apparently marble busts made to mimic the plastic of a ‘cheap’ bucket. The exhibition will feature a series of short films and sculptural work including newly commissioned pieces where the use of light and a lightness of touch should lift the spirits of visitors this winter.

The Tending of Something

The Tending of Something, publication to accompany the exhibition, 2016

Jasleen Kaur has said “I am not interested in hierarchies between art and craft or maker and artist. For me it’s about the maker’s intentions. To do something artfully is to give it time and care.” Appropriately therefore the publication accompanying the exhibition has the title The Tending of Something. This includes a perceptive essay about the artist by Elinor Morgan, Senior Curator at mima, Middlesborough highlighting both the care the artist takes in creating her work and in working with other people as co-creators. The publication is available to purchase at St Andrews Museum.

The Tending of Something

A preview from the publication The Tending of Something, 2016


Save the date!

Symposium will be held in St Andrews on Friday 17 February 2017.

Thinking, Making + Matter, will enable discussion around the approaches to making work and relationships to materials which are highlighted by Jasleen Kaur’s exhibition.

Workshop will be held on Saturday 18th February

The artist will deliver a workshop which will encourage participants to make their own fantastic creations based around the themes of the exhibition. Further information on these events will be available soon on


To read more about Jasleen visit here.

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