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treat Store Artist Profile – Anaïs Paulard

Her jewellery is concept driven and she uses precious and non precious materials.

Interested in the age long relationship between human and object she makes pieces that reflect this connection. The pieces stocked by us in the treat store are from The Dream Drawings collection which is based on intuitive drawings. Focusing on colours and shapes, she mixes computer technology to LASER CUT acrylic and combines these pieces with silver using more traditional techniques. The juxtaposition of silver and acrylic creates depth and contrast, allowing every piece to be worn as a statement piece for a special occasion and on an everyday basis to go with any outfit.


LASER CUTTING is a technique first used by industrial manufacturers who used laser optics to cut all kinds of materials. Wood, paper, plastics and even metal can be cut this way,  Anaïs has applied this to her jewellery by cutting acrylic and laser etching them using the same method. ( The surface etching is just a partial cut.). Her drawings have been set out in a Computer Aided Design program which is then sent to the laser cutter machine, this then cuts by melting the acrylic with the laser beam!

Anaïs Paulard Blue Ring

Blue Ring £45

Anais Paulard, clear acrylic brooch

Clear Acrylic Brooch £15

Blue Acrylic Necklace by Anaïs Paulard

Blue Acrylic and Silver Necklace £175

Frosted Pink Triangle Earrings by Anaïs Paulard

Frosted Pink Acrylic and Silver Triangle Earrings £115

To purchase any of these items or read more about Anaïs Paulard and her work visit the treat store here.

All work is hand finished in her studio in Dundee.

For her latest news keep updated at her Facebook page here.

Images courtesy of the artist and Lewis Matheson.

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